At ARANEX Logistics (BD) LTD, we prioritize customer experience and make it the center of our operations. Our team of logistics professionals is dedicated to delivering excellent services to meet all of our customers’ needs. With our extensive global network and strong technological support, we are building a solid foundation today to ensure we are prepared for the future.

Our Mission

At ARANEX LOGISTICS (BD) LTD, our mission is to provide outstanding logistics and transportation services while ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to delivering quality services that meet the highest international standards. We achieve this by actively listening to our clients, collaborating with them, and utilizing innovative technology. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible international freight forwarding experience.

ARANEX LOGISTICS (BD) LTD, as a Logistic solutions provider, is committed to:

    • Distributing modified solutions.
    • Financing in technology and people.
    • Fulfilling with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
    • Enhancing portability.
    • Providing end-to-end supply chain services through an efficient global network.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Connecting people, businesses, and communities to a better future – through logistics. We do this by helping them get their products to market quickly, efficiently, and safely.

  • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality.
  • Ethical and professional service.
  • Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.