Project Cargo

Managing a modern project requires special expertise, method and dealing with care. We want to build a formidable  reputation in Project Cargo Logistics and heavy lift shipments with our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargo’s with ports, customs and transport agencies. We offer innovative Project Cargo  Handling solutions as well as technical engineering services to manage the project completely from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of your valuable goods. 

Delivering cost effectively

We have the ability to manage high-value project cargoes, offering our customers world-class Project Cargo Services at minimum costs. Regardless of the shipment’s destination, our team handles every consignment in a customized manner, planning and engineering all the required points in detail. A good rapport with liners and break bulk operators helps us to offer our customers and partners a competitive service.

Operational Team Expertise

  • Site inspection and project planning 
  • Route surveys and selection of reliable carriers 
  • Track and trace with en-route reporting 
  • Customs clearance
  • Final stage delivery with closing report